The foundation of our effectiveness to increase a players ability relies upon Individualized Programs designed around the 4 training seasons of a baseball player:

In Season - Maintenance
Post Season - Recovery
Off Season - Strengthening
Pre Season - Skill Training


Begin Your Personalized Program with Pitchers Edge Today and Develop A Winning Program-The Key To Suddessful Overall Athletic Training!


P.I.P.P.S. Baseball Strengthening Program

Our commitment to Player Development begins with insuring a player's health. 

This Baseball Strengthening Program has been tested and proven over the past 15 years available to all ages. 

PIPPS (Player Injury Prevention & Performance Strengthening)  for Players Ages 9-12 is specifically designed to increase a baseball player's performance thru speed, flexibility, agility & strength while reducing their risk of injury. allowing them to: Run FASTER. Throw HARDER. Hit with POWER. 50 Minute Group Session   Member & Non-Member Rates: $20 to $27 Per Session

A.M.P. Baseball Mobility Assesment & Strengthening Education

A.M.P. (Accelerated Movement for Performance)  is a step up for Players Ages 13+ specifically designed to increase a baseball player's performance thru baseball mobility assesment followed by  proper strengthening education on an indivualized basis. Increase your knowledge at a personal level, not all players have the same physical build, skill level, athletic goals, speed, flexibility, or strength. Gain insightful access to creating a personalized training program to reach your athletic goals, increase performance and reduce your risk of injruy.     1 Hour Private Session- Non-Member Rate: $122 Per Session (Members enjoy 10%-20% Savings)