Baseball Instruction

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Offering 4x4 Pitching Clinics, Private Pitching Instruction, Hitting Instruction, Catcher's Instruction and Position Player Fielding Instruction.

In our Individualized Private Pitching & Overhand Throwing Instruction using Video Analysis Delivers a Scientifically Designed Program That Has Been Tested & Proven to Produce Results for Pitchers & Position Players. Developed From Decades of Data Collection Used in Research & the Study of Baseball Movements, Mechanics & Pitching Motion. Position Players Increase Command & Velo for Accurate & Timely Throws. Pitchers Increase Command Throwing Strikes Consistently, & Increase Velocity, Movement & Spin that Gets Hitters Out. Reduce Your Risk of Injury with Our PIPSystems© Pitching Methods.


A Seasonal Program for Ages 12 & Under Small Group Pitching Instruction in a One Hour Session Delivering PIPSystems© Pitching Program. FOURSOME Sessions provide performance increases with a healthy pitching motion using Craig Pippin's Injury Prevention Based Motion Efficiency Training Programs PROVEN to increase Command & Velocity.

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  •  $70 per Session* Less your Member % Savings

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1 Hour Private Pitching Instruction

1 Hour PIPSystems© Pitching Session:

                       SELECT 1 Hour Pitching:     $127 Per Session* Less Your Member % Savings

1 Hour Pitching Instruction With Our Select Level Staff who are specifically Certified By Criag Pippin & Trained to Deliver the PIPSystems© Pitching Program with Injury Prevention Techniques.

                       ADVANCED 1 Hour Pitching:     $165 Per Session* Less Your Member % Savings

1 Hour Pitching Instruction With An Advanced Level Instructor who has a Higher Level of Experience Identifying Motion Points & Possible At-Risk-For-Injury Motion using the PIPSystems© Pitching Methods, Certified & Trained to Deliver the PIPSystems© Pitching Program at a High Level Including It's Injury Prevention Techniques.

Pitchers Edge

Half-Hour Private Hitting oR Fielding Instruction

Private 30 Minute Hitting OR Private 30 Minute Fielding Instruction Using Video Analysis In An Individualized Session With Attention to Detail, Teaching Proven Hitting & Fielding Methods.

Half-Hour PE Hitting OR Fielding Session:

                  SELECT Half-Hour Hitting:     $70 Per Session* Less Your Member % Savings

30 Minute Private Sessions With Our Select Level Instructors Who Have The Ability to Communicate Effectively Teaching Baseball Skill.

                  ADVANCED Half-Hour Hitting:     $90 Per Session* Less Your Member % Savings

30 Minute Private Sessions with Our Advanced Level Instructors Who Have Extensive Playing Careers and Multiple Years of Experience Teaching Baseball Skill.

PIPSystems© Baseball Training

                    PIPSystems© 1 Hour Private Session:     $189 Per Session* Less Your Member % Savings

The PipSystems© Training is a 1 Hour Private Session designed for goal-driven Pitchers and Position Players committed to the process of reaching their full potential. This program's focus is on achieving a healthy Pitching/Throwing motion while maximizing each individual’s potential using a proven plan for player success. Quinn Pippin oversees Pitcher/Player programming including developmental training routines designed for High School and Collegiate Baseball Pitchers or Position Players.

PipSystems© Training Sessions incorporate a daily schedule of specific and individually assigned workouts & routines. Practicing these proven routines will assist a Pitcher/Player in realizing their ultimate goals for a successful Junior or Senior HS season or success in an upcoming College Season. Candidates for this program meet specific baselines along with motion guidelines to participate and benefit fully.

"ULTIMATE" Baseball Pitching Workout Session

    Reach the Highest Level of Performance Designed for Pro-Level Pitchers:

$395 Per Session* - Available to Pro-Level Pitchers

* Ultimate Workouts Sessions with Craig Pippin, the Developer of PIPSystems©. Craig is a Career Instructor with multiple years of professional experience, teaching experience, using a training method proven to produce results.

*Program offerings and Rates subject to Seasonal Changes

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