Announcing our remote video analysis system used in our private baseball training sessions. A Private video account EXCLUSIVE to Pitchers Edge Members where they can review voice over video lessons from each of their PE instructional sessions and upload personal video for their own review & analysis. TO ACCESS YOUR PRIVATE VIDEO ACCOUNT using your mobile phone, tablet or computer click on "Team Mate", and stay current with your motion and on top of your game.



Announcing our MOBILE Video Analysis System at Pitchers Edge, Each Member receives Full Access to a Personal Video Analysis System.

Now Available EXCLUSIVELY To Pitchers Edge MEMBERS

As a Pitchers Edge Member enjoy these new features and FULL ACCESS to "Team" Mate", our mobile video analysis system directly from YOUR SMART PHONE OR TABLET. Pitchers Edge Members now have the ability to:

  • Analyze Video in Slow Motion
  • Upload Personal Video Recordings
  • Easy Phone Use & Access NO APP Required
  • Draw Directly Onto Video With The Included Drawing Tools
  • Compare Your Personal Video to Our Full Library of MLB Pro Players
  • Voice-Over Video Lessons From Your PE Instructor to your personal 'cloud' for review

To access your Video Cloud Account go to and using your email address to 'ENTER' your personal Pitchers Edge Video Cloud Account.

Player Showcase Video Production

Prepare for up to 2 Hours

As a Supporting Service to Athletic College Applicants to Show your talent in a professionally choreographed & designed video production that coaches and recruiters can review up close. Use it as a pre-view or follow up to your showcase event, or an introduction to the athletic staff of your choice university and teams. Today's College & Professional recruiting/scouting market has became so competitive. It is vital to have someone with years of experience to demonstrate your baseball skills through the use of video technology.

Pitchers Edge  has the trained  professionals who understand the visual requirements necessary to showcase your skills by position WITH over a decade of  video creation experience needed to produce a video product that will maximize your opportunity to compete at the next level.

  • $950 Per Showcase Video Production - (Add'l % Savings with Membership)