Thank you so much for hosting our Corporate Event group last Thursday. We appreciate you making the space and the program for us. My managers had a blast!

Diane & Nordstroms “Team Tysons”

Craig is playing in Cooperstown this week and just went 3 for 3 with a long home run. Thanks for all your help with his hitting. We're looking forward to continuing to work with you.


To Pitchers Edge, As an FYI --- not sure what happened in the last week, but William seems to finally been listening to your batting, it is ONLY practice, but during BP he has been hitting home runs -- some of them WAY out. Everything is to the fence or over the fence -- very few grounders to short. Just wanted to let you all know and say...THANKS...


Northern Virginia

...Thank you Craig for helping me get better and stronger & for being my friend. I want you to know that you have mde a huge difference in my life in more than just baseball, you have made me a better person!


Washington DC

Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks. The training Coleman has received is paying off in a big way both on and off the field. As a bonus I’ve taken what I’ve learned by simply watching your Staff work with Coleman helped me be a better coach. Our membership, the cost of training and time and energy spent has been well worth it. I hope to see you all again...


Springfield, VA

Chris has officially been accepted to UT. Thank you so much for looking out for him ..we owe you a world of thanks and praise for how far you have taken him, I am forever grateful.


My 14 year old son started on the PIPPS program about 11 months ago and the difference in his overall shape and athletic performance is night and day. After just a few short months of sessions, his hitting and arm strength on the baseball diamond improved tremendously. He is driving the ball deep into the outfield, and as a catcher, he can now not only make a good...

Kevin Holden

October 11, 2013

When Scott came to Craig he was battling lower back pain; after one session with Craig and a lot of working on the technique's that Craig showed him, Scott was able to go the season pain free. We are hoping the lower back pain is a thing of the past. This summer Scott will be pitching in the Cal Ripken League and I believe Craig would be very beneficial to him.

Scott N

Annapolis, MD


Craig Pippin

Master Baseball Instructor
(The 'Ultimate' in Overall Instruction; Overhand Pitching/Throwing Specialist,  including Re-Hab & Pre-Hab )

Craig Pippin is a St. Petersburg Florida native, with over 35 years of college and professional baseball experience, including four years as a pitchers/infielder at the University of Florida and a lengthy professional career with the Kansas City Royals, Pittsburgh Pirates and Cleveland Indians. 

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Four additional years of winter baseball in Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, in addition to founding several national youth baseball instructional programs giving Craig a strong foundation of knowledge. Since 1992 Craig has advised several sports technology firms in the development of programs that apply data to improve performance and prevent injuries and in 1999 he began working closely with the American Sports Medicine Institute.  Craig has continued his quest to teach the importance of over-hand throwing & pitching efficiency to players at all levels. Craig's decades of experience and research of motion efficiency and data driven injury programming has gained him world wide recognition. Caig is now an important asset for Orthopedic Surgeons  and Physical Therapists reguarding Re-Hab & Pre-Hab protocols for athletes. Years of studying movement on video and instructing thousands of bullpens with players from the age of 8 to major league pitchers is what gives Craig a unique, unmatched teaching perspective. Craig is particularly proud of his involvement in the placement of over 250 pitchers into professional baseball and college as student athletes.

TESTED & PROVEN: For the past 21 years Craig has collected various baseball centric strength & flexibility measurements in order to establish safe motion principles relative to overhand throwing. Testing from tens of thousands of baseball players & multi-sport athletes has resulted in the accumulation of over 500,000 units of data. Providing a valuable foundation in the research of efficient overhand motion. Using these baselines we can now identify specific tendencies for each cometative level. Removing the guess work we are now able to train and develop athletes within an individualized program.

"The PipSystems Fitness Evaulation (PFE) has been designed to identify baseball specific strengths and weaknesses to reduce the risk of injury while optimizing each player's opportunity to perform at a higher level. Through the years I have seen inefficient 12U throwing motions result in "little league elbow" and when not addressed develop into teenage UCL surgery. It saddens me to see a player competing in pain or wearing an elbow brace when simple formative-years awareness and attention to detail relative to an efficient motion could have avoided a serious over-hand throwing arm injury"

It is time to spply physics & simple data driven principles of efficiency to reduce the risk of injuries for overhand motion athletes and increase their enjoyment thru a higher level of velocity & command effortlessly.

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Quinn Pippin

Year Round Pro-Instructor
(Overall Baseball Instruction-Pitching, Throwing, Hitting, Fielding including Baseball Strength Training Specialist)
Quinn Pippin graduated from McLean High School as a National Honor Society member. Continuing his playing career, Quinn attended the prestigious IMG Baseball Academy in Bradenton, Florida where he then committed to Tulane University in New Orleans as a 3rd baseman for the Green Wave. Following his junior year at Tulane, Quinn transferred to the University of Tampa cntributing to the team's 2013 NCAA National Baseball Championship. 

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During his collegiate caraeer he played summer baseball in Alaska winning a championship with the Matsu Miners. His next summer stops included the Cooperstown Hawkeyes in NY and the Vienna River Dogs of the Cal Ripken Summer Collegiate League becomming the league's all-star 1st baseman. Graduating from the University of Tampa with honors and a double major in marine science and biology. Quinn continued his professional baseball career competing as a 1st & 3rd baseman in four different countries-the United States, Cuba, Australia and Italy. Quinn hit a combined .360 average during his 2 professional seasons in Italy and Australia, hitting 17  homeruns and 75 RBI. In 2015 Quinn began his training to become a professional pitcher and in the spring of 2016 he pitched with the Normal Cornbelters of the Frontier League. Quinn signed a contract with the San Rafael Pacifics in the Pacific Association of Professional Baseball Clubs in California. finishing the 2017 season posting a 4.58 era follwed by an additional season in 2018. Having pitched over 50 professional innings and logging over 250 professional AB's Quinn has extensive knowledge of the game from both the batter's box and from the mound. We are pleased to have Quinn as a valuable member of our fall and winter staff. We recognize his personal commitment to excellence & the positive impact he has on the players he trains.

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James Pascoe

Year-Round Instructor
(Hitting, Fielding, & Youth Pitching/Throwing)
in 2017 James Pascoe celebrates his 5th year as a PE Baseball Staff member. James played in the Vienna Little League and the Vienna Mustangs program before attending McLean High School earning 9 varsity letters as a shooting guard on the basketball team, the schools quarterback, and an outfielder/LHP on the McLean baseball team.

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He went on to play college baseball at Frederick CC as a 2 way playeer. His baseball season ended with an elbow injury at which time James joined the U.S. Marine Corps. He competed on the U.S.M.C. Football Team at Camp Pendleton, CA before being deployed to Afganistan and serving in the artillery division until May 2012 where he completed his service as a Corporal (E4). We are very proud to have James on our baseball staff both as a veteran and an overall baseball instructor having amassed over 5200 hitting, pitching, camps, clinics and strengthening workouts. James is committed to individual excellence while teaching players the importance of athleticism to increase performance. We appreciate his service to our country and his commitment to give back to the community where he grew up. 

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Matty Sylvia

Year Round Overall Instructor
(Catching, Hitting, Fielding, Youth Pitching/Throwing)
Matty Sylvia grew up in New England moving to Vienna with his Family in 2016. As a 2017 senior catcher Matty attended nationally ranked powerhouse Madison High School contributing to their Liberty Conference Championship. Matty first came to Pitchers Edge with a shoulder injury in the winter of his senior season to correct his throwing motion. Working directly with Craig Pippin he made adjustments to his motion to become the

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Warhawks weekday batting practice pitcher while continuing his role as starting varsity catcher. In the summer of 2017 he played for Vienna Post 180 where he had a team leading .463 batting average. Graduating from Madison Matty attended Hood College in Frederick, Maryland catching for the Blazers in the fall of 2017.

Pitchers Edge welcomes Matty's passion for the game of baseball while recognizing his lover for The Boston Red Sox. Matty has caught professional, collegiate and pro level pitchers extensively with Craig Pippin.  Taking his skills to the next level, he has worked with Craig Pippin on mastering his ability to deliver results for Pitchers and All Position Players. Matty works effectively with players of all positions including Pitching, Hitting, Fielding & Catching. His patient teaching method coupled with his knowledge & love of the game have helped him develop a loyal following of families who benefit from his quality instruction. Take advantage of the opportunity to develop your skills under the guidance of Matty and his commitment to make a positive difference

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