PIPSystems© Coaches Pitching Certification

2 Levels of Education to Choose From

Experience PIPSystems©, the Nation’s most comprehensive Coaches Throwing & Pitching Certification Program offered in baseball today. A coaches pitching training program available to ALL Coaches & Parents, supported by 24 years of pitching motion research, based on over twenty thousand hours of video analysis & 200,000 plus units of pitching centric measurements. This certification is proven to make an unparalleled difference for pitchers of all ages.

The PIPSystems© Coaches Pitching Training Program offers a comprehensive & scientific approach to Training the Whole Athlete! Delivered by Craig Pippin & presented in an educational seminar and an interactive pitching lab in a State-of-the-Art Environment. Following completion of the Introductory Level Certification you will be ready to join the Advanced PIPSystems© Certification Seminar and further your coaching ability to deliver results.

Learn Methods that Prepare Your Pitchers to Throw Strikes


Maintain A Healthy Arm!

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  • Pre Post Pitching Arm Care Routines
  • Pitching & Throwing Principles to Prevent Arm Injuries
  • Simplified step-by-step processes to establish a safe, effective repeatable motion
  • Optimal biomechanics to increase velocity
  • Effective Short, Mid & Long Toss Programs
  • How baseball-centric muscle groups increase performance & reduce injury risks
  • Discover age specific baselines
  • Numbers Based & Data-Driven Training Programs
  • Progressive Non-Throwing Pitching Routines
  • Identify Red Flag Motion Issues Causing Injuries
  • Experience the Value of Video to Improve Pitching Performance Levels