Get A Grip

Forty-Five years into my baseball journey as a player, pitcher and teacher there is one simple fact that influences the end result of a throw or pitch: THE GRIP Regardless of the age or level of the player or pitcher its never too early or too late to introduce proper and safe grips when throwing…

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After 23 years in the Northern Virginia area and experiencing many baseball seasons, here we are again, the time of year for baseball players where the term “Shut Down” is widely proclaimed. I have spent decades studying and researching elements of motion relating to overhand throwing athletes at the Youth, High School, College and Professional…

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Profiles in Success

In A Game of Falling Down and Getting Up there comes a moment during each workout he teaches when Craig Pippin gets chills. It’s that moment of greater awareness, which quickly evolves into transcendence—that enlightening experience when everything comes together for the athlete in training. As the details of the athlete’s motion come into tune,…

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