Team Services

Thank you so much for hosting our Corporate Event group last Thursday. We appreciate you making the space and the program for us. My managers had a blast!

Diane & Nordstroms “Team Tysons”

Craig is playing in Cooperstown this week and just went 3 for 3 with a long home run. Thanks for all your help with his hitting. We're looking forward to continuing to work with you.


To Pitchers Edge, As an FYI --- not sure what happened in the last week, but William seems to finally been listening to your batting, it is ONLY practice, but during BP he has been hitting home runs -- some of them WAY out. Everything is to the fence or over the fence -- very few grounders to short. Just wanted to let you all know and say...THANKS...


Northern Virginia

...Thank you Craig for helping me get better and stronger & for being my friend. I want you to know that you have mde a huge difference in my life in more than just baseball, you have made me a better person!


Washington DC

Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks. The training Coleman has received is paying off in a big way both on and off the field. As a bonus I’ve taken what I’ve learned by simply watching your Staff work with Coleman helped me be a better coach. Our membership, the cost of training and time and energy spent has been well worth it. I hope to see you all again...


Springfield, VA

Chris has officially been accepted to UT. Thank you so much for looking out for him ..we owe you a world of thanks and praise for how far you have taken him, I am forever grateful.


My 14 year old son started on the PIPPS program about 11 months ago and the difference in his overall shape and athletic performance is night and day. After just a few short months of sessions, his hitting and arm strength on the baseball diamond improved tremendously. He is driving the ball deep into the outfield, and as a catcher, he can now not only make a good...

Kevin Holden

October 11, 2013

When Scott came to Craig he was battling lower back pain; after one session with Craig and a lot of working on the technique's that Craig showed him, Scott was able to go the season pain free. We are hoping the lower back pain is a thing of the past. This summer Scott will be pitching in the Cal Ripken League and I believe Craig would be very beneficial to him.

Scott N

Annapolis, MD


TEAM Player's Participation Form CLICK HERE

Options for Teams

Team Hitting or Pitching Video Analysis

$15 per Player (Min 10 Players)

Cage Rental

Rent Pitching Lanes or Hitting Cages for your team's  indoor training sessions. Prepare your reservation packet and call for availability. Our VIP Teams receive priority scheduling on reservation of Cage Rentals.Call for seasonal specials and savings.

  • $80 per Hitting Cage {Includes MLB Baseballs, Tanner T's, Pitching Machine, Plates, L-Screen, Baseball Cart} Pre-Registration & Reservation Required.

Coach & Parent Training Clinics

We work with your team's coaching staff and parents in our state-of-the-Art Training Studio with an interactive session, so bring your gloves! We cover proper throwing motion, live BP, pre-hab and performance techniques, strengthening do's & don'ts and how video can support a team’s success. We recommend sessions at 1 hour for 8-12 adult participants and 90 minutes for 12+ adult participants.

  • $50 per hour

Custom Team Training Options Available to meet your team's needs Including

Team Pre-Hab Performance Training

Increase your teams performance and reduce the down time of player injuries in our Baseball Specific strengthening & flexibility program. We include injury prevention methods with attention to the muscle groups a baseball player should be training and the proper technique.

Pitching Staff Training Clinic

We work with your pitching staff on motion efficiency, proper arm care and the proper strengthening techniques used by the pros with team building exercises. Our Team Pitching Clinics are proven to increase command and speed for each pitcher in your staff. Invite your catchers to join in. Designed for up to 4 Pitchers with 2 catchers.  $285 Per Session

Team Skills Training Clinic

Detailed instruction and skill training for Hitting, Throwing, Fielding, Catcher's technique or baserunning at our state-of-the-Art Training Studio to provide the training you request over the dates and times designed by you!